Friday, September 12, 2014

Not quite as good as Marty

I'll just add to this Frazetta thread. Past couple of days have been productive ones.
Had an idea that worked. I was stroking pen tool work paths to produce straight lines in the Trophy strip.
I decided I needed an action where I pressed one button, had it stroke the stroke and then delete the path. It worked. I'm pretty quick with the pen tool so now I can get quick, french curve edges without opening up a lot of menus.
The hot rod above, the tire and windshield are freehand. The car outline is the stroke effect.
With a chisel point so it has some cool brush looking weight variance.
The Tumblr post relating to these thumbnails.
Noticing this effect when doodling google image thumbnails of trial photography..


MrGoodson2 said...

My guess would be that Frazetta had this and WEREWOLF on his drawing board at the same time. Sharpen his brush tips on the Herman's Hermits, then make a good mark on the Werewolf story.

Davis Chino said...

That Herman's Hermits illo was by Friz??

I was gonna write some semi-disparaging comments...To my eye, the only figure that's really getting some swing is Herman.


Even the Beatles look pretty clunky. And what a rack on the Queen!!

I like yr pen effect...but tell me, are yo doing this via some sort of tablet?? Why not just use Manga Studio? I don't know, 'cuz I never used it before...

...I am thinking seriously about getting that Huion tablet...the Cintiq knock-off that Frenden likes.

Davis Chino said...

and I just read yr title--HA! I wish I was that good. The key is he (Friz) probably did that in an afternoon. For me, it would take a week--or two!!

But thank you much-o for the compliment. Seriously.

MrGoodson2 said...

I imagine it killed Frazetta to do that art directed cluster. That was Jack Davis meat. Or Drucker. Some of it looks like paste up. He's thinking about money and making the money. Just a couple of years of paperback covers away from making millions with the wife running the poster biz

MrGoodson2 said...

Manga Studio will do a vector looking line that averages and straightens itself out. This is more illustrator like. And I like it as a quick way to stay in photoshop for almost everything. I will probably use manga studio for panel borders and balloons. Then export that product as a PSD to photoshop and stay there.

There's a hundred ways to do everything. This is a sped up, hot key way to stay in drawing mode. Someone with another way would look at the idea and say "Why? My way is better."

Had an very accomplished artist on the facebook group comment that he thought this was a clever way to get photoshop to use the pen tool for pixels.

Davis Chino said...

Elz, yr work flow is always very clever, and you've taught me almost all of my PhoSHo tricks (must give credit to Tom Moon for MULTIPLY--my life is forever changed!). I just get confused between these different programs you guys keep referencing and posting about here :-)

But to be are doing this with a mouse, yes? Not a Cintiq?

MrGoodson2 said...

No, I'm using a cintiq for my inking. I do a lot of painting just using a mouse. But drawing is all about using the cintiq.