Thursday, July 06, 2017

Maybe the only one this month- I hope

I've got other enthusiasms this month. 
Once I get this one done, hopefully that's it for the freelance for July.
Got a way to go on this.
It's not your imagination. 
I've replaced the color version twice with newly edited versions.
Got another one. With characters that will resemble these.
Danuki, humanoid racoon dog creatures.
I am tempted to just continue painting into this rough.
Cleaned it up for painting into.

I changed it.
Changes were accepted.
Next time, something more like this.

Tuesday, July 04, 2017

She Hulk given the freeform pen treatment

Can't have too much Kirby Crackle.
crab-bot. Checking out a brush with just a touch of thick thin.
Mysterious Island frame trace.
Thing sections made easy.

Sunday, July 02, 2017

freeform pen tool

I think I'll do a quick strip where all the roughs are on the whiteboard, then I finish with this graphic style in photoshop.
I have a cowboy story in mind. A cowpoke that is haunted by an Indian he killed with his own war knife. That's just a detail, not the story. The Indian ghost being a pain when he pops up. Landis' Werewolf movie having a similar gimmick.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Entrance Music

Killer Miller's corner man shoved his mouthpiece into place. The Killer worked his jaw a bit and clamped the hard plastic into position around his teeth.

With the hard bite the Killer’s eyes flew open.

“I’m deaf!” he said touching his ears.

He looked at his cornerman. The old geezer was standing in the gate, frozen, his mouthpiece placement hand still held eye-level to the Killer.

“Hey!” Killer Miller said, “What is this?” He looked at the crowd. It was row upon row of statues.

Out of shape, ordinary people, wearing dumb t-shirts, frozen in various poses. The crowd noise disappearing so suddenly it was like a reverse gunshot.

The Killer turned and walked out onto the mat with the bare feet of a champion mixed martial artist. The latex treated canvas a cushioned pad under his tough feet.

Miller thought crickets would sound like lawn mowers in this silent world.

Then there was sound. It was the monster Godzilla’s movie theme.

Someone Killer knew used that theme for their entrance music. Gonzales. Of course.

Then came a sobering thought. “I killed Gonzales in the ring. It's why they call me Killer.”

Then Killer Miller saw him walking down the aisle. It was Gonzales, his eyes, hollow sockets.

“You're dead. I killed you!” Miller screamed.

Gonzales reached the ring and the Killer could no longer move. As paralyzed as everyone else in the arena except Gonzales.

He shambled forward, his skeletal smile awful to see, drawing back his rotten arm to strike.

“Get ready champ.” his old corner man said, halting the relaxing muscle massage.

 “Wake up champ.” the old man said, slapping Killer’s rear. “Nap time’s over.”

Killer Miller never woke.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Just through the April Door.

We'll see if all my color dabbling/learning makes it into this piece.
The dabbling and math for complements helped a bit.
Sped me up.
Took me as long to do these touch ups as it took to do the original.
I'm told the body parts in the original hinted at a small scale.
I thought the bodies gave it an approximate size of 20 ft height.
Better to have no frame of reference and be informed it's 20 ft high in the playbook.