Thursday, September 25, 2014


Pro registration for ECCC has begun!  I'm looking at you Tom Moon and Ellis Goodson!  And of course anyone else who wants to come up and see a great comic con!


Tom Moon said...

Done. This is the first time I've applied for an ECCC pass since being laid off, but I did list my past SOE projects as proof of professionalism. We will see if they accept me. For everyone else applying, go to

MrGoodson2 said...

Probably definitely not going. Even if I get a decent job between now and then. Just too much money that I won't want to spend.

As I told Marty, I have some factors that are set to take a huge downturn the moment my Mom dies. I really hope she lives longer than me but it is statistically unlikely.

Rickart said...

Pro tables in Artist Alley!

Also, ECCC has Artist Alley people listed on their website Marty and I are listed together with Marty's name first but the link goes to my website. :P