Monday, June 23, 2008

Speed Painting Fun

Click Title to see all the Heavy Iron speed paintings!

First the Concept idea generator produces this nonsense

" a nauseous warrior holding a flag tears a chicken on a bridge "

and then "art club" at work does a speed painting. It's fun to see all the different takes. Much like the Buncake deal at his place of business.

I didn't distact myself with color till the last second, concentrating on the grayscale. Probably about a half hour spent on it.


Tom Moon said...

Great idea for an art club. Terrific results. Say, it looks like Scott's Scribbling Wall club has been dead for quite a while. Hard to keep up that level of energy I guess.

rickart said...

Nice composition and the costume is great! Its certainly not the typical warrior pose! Good color, too!

Mr Goodson said...

I failed to clearly convey that it's a flag on his shoulders. Just looks like a cape. And the chicken he's holding in front of his skirt doesn;t read.But it is cool to just dig in and go with the clock ticking on "pencils down"