Tuesday, June 03, 2008

(less) Crap Building (UPDATED!)

UPDATED IMAGE ABOVE (poopier image below)

I am stinking on this building. Gonna redraw it (again). For the Paris book.

There will be text on the page, though I kind of like the emptiness of the image as it is here.

p.s. You'd think that's the American Library back there, in the cool Art Nouveau building. But it's not. That's the gag!!


rickart said...

Yeah, I dig the white space, too.

You are always so hard on your drawings... I guess that's why you are so damn good. I think this is a terrific drawing... leave it alone, I say.

Mr Goodson said...

the thumbnail of the drawing looks great. Seeing it big takes away some of the oomph. It looks very tough to do something like architectural drawing with a freehand line.. Should it be a larger format so you get that thumbnail tightening for the pub size. But then the larger size is probably more difficult to make the sketch loose. Tough. I'd say always make the point of a sketch a figure so that architecture is always just a loose framing vignette

Davis Chino said...

Thanks for the comments, fellas. Yeah, I think the problem is the building is both too specific and too haphazard. I keep redrawing it trying to leave more and more elements out, but it's still fighting itself too much--y'know, the very loose, hand-drawn-ness is fighting the overly specific architectural structure.

I know just what you mean El about the "architecture-as-background-for-people" strategy, and this will be my primary approach--but I still need to find a good approach to the architecture all the same.

Thanks again for the react'ns. I'll work on it.

(The blank space is cool though, huh?)

Jeff said...

digging on the blank space. Maybe you can showcase your fisticuffs adventure in the empty space??

Tom Moon said...

It's a beautiful drawing I say.

Uhh... now... what's the joke? I'm dense I guess.

Mr Goodson said...

I like the white space addition. Are you using photoshop as a tool for these.? Or is it purist, has to all be a piece on a page, approach?

Davis Chino said...

Photoshop, baby. I redrew the building, then went into PhoSho and added the doorway/sidewalk & lady via two separate drawings.

The text is from about four different scans!

It is better, isn't it?

Davis Chino said...

re:multiple scans for the written text: I guess that's why there's a major misplaced word in there!