Monday, June 16, 2008

Old Olive Tree

Great to see Ye Olde TAG Blogge firing on all cylinders while I've been away. We've been attending our Italian friend Carlo's wedding in Italia; it was way down in the south, where the trees are so old they look like rocks.

I think I'll be doing a series of posts about the wedding over at Brush Pen Breakfast (I don't want to clutter up this sacred repository of bloggy goodness).

And speaking of bloggy goodness: Kapital Koolness to see Kali posting here--we have been graced by a true art celebrity!


Tom Moon said...

Wow! Exquisite tree drawing Marty!

Mr Goodson said...

If you squint your eyes just right it looks like Academy Award winning actess Estelle Parsons.

Beautiful work Marty. Welcome back. I hope the wedding was a fun occasion.

rickart said...

I'll second that... great drawing!

Tom Carroll said...

Yum ... Love the subtleties of the foliage (yah ... I used subtleties in a blog; curse of the silent "B"). ;-) But that's nothing next to E's Estelle Parson's reference. That raised the bar HIGH!

Kali Fontecchio said...

That tree rules balls!

You really are too kind! TOO KIND. :)