Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Click on the header and see a different kind of 3D animation.


Tom Moon said...

I loved Muto! I sent it around to everyone at work. It goes on perhaps a bit too long; it could use a progress bar or maybe the "story" line should have at least somewhat of a structure to it so we know where we are headed, but definitely innovative. Thanks Rick!

Mr Goodson said...

Yes. I think I've seen half or more of it. Stopped where it switched to a full size building side because I wasn't sure how much longer it had to go. And I was at work. i'll look at it all this weekend. I can't imagine the hustle these guys had to maintain to get this done

rickart said...

Yes, I agree it is overlong and/or without a discernable direction. It is, however, an amazing achievement and I agree with Ellis that it would take an impressive amount of hustle to get it done.