Thursday, June 12, 2008

Recycling An Idea

I'm going to take the junkyard split idea, paste all the old artwork into layouts and then redraw it with the layouts hopefully pushing me to nice finishes Somewhere in that effort I need to work in a nice character sheet.

Hey, I'm going to a Gnomon seminar this weekend. It's mostly old school illustration centric this time. not 3d or tech oriented. Are you going again Tom C?


rickart said...

I think that's a great idea! I've been doing the same sort of thing lately... working over old drawings to get something more polished out of it. Plus, as I recall, this was a great little story!

I look forward to seeing the results!

Tom Carroll said...

Sorry, Ellis. This weekend Julie has her biiiiiig pottery sale down in San Diego (Spanish Village in Balboa Park, if anyone is going to be in that neighborhood). So I'm 24/7 Big Daddy!! But it sounds like a totally great Gnomon event. Learn lots, pass a little along the pipeline!!

BTW: I bought my first comics in a long while yesterday ... including an issue of the Frank Miller Batman & Robin ... what a complex, dark little mind he has ... very readable, though.

Davis Chino said...


Go, Ellis, go.