Tuesday, April 21, 2015

RPG progress

Time for some photoshop. I have to have these finished in the next couple of days. Getting over my shuttle tiredness at the moment. I did the figures in this drawing when I was dog tired yesterday.

Coloring this was tough. Too many weird, see through, composites to make.

Got all the pencil drawing done. 
Lots of photoshop left to go.
 Photoshop done on this.
Always a compromise when I'm doing color.

Kids at the con. One with an r2d2 backpack.

Index cards that didn't sell at the NWCC.
The hulk was done late and might have sold.
The old yellowed line art is from my Opubco career for a client called United Home Foods.
I think I wrote the copy.
35 years old?
It was in the tub of art-
'Ancient and recent. Please browse. Make an offer.'. 
People expressed interest in buying it several times.


Davis Chino said...

They look great--so solid!

Wow, for someone who was dawg-tired, they look very precise.

Maybe I should try drawing when tired myself!

Tom Moon said...

Yeah, great sketch Ellis!

MrGoodson2 said...

Drawing when very tired was interesting.
Very focusing and a bit like a cup of coffee. You get alert as you go.

Tom Moon said...

I really like the rocketeer on red.

Davis Chino said...

These drawings are really great, Elz--the caricatures of the monsters have such fun, extreme shapes, and they do so without looking too studied, or derivative of the current "style" for slick cartoony caricature you see everywhere (*gulp* including yrs truly, I guess--tho' I can only manage a half-assed stodgy version myself).

The child muskateer!

The great sketch for the Rockateer.

The Hulk!

And then there's the comic....

"Verily, United Home Foods hath soothed my savage breast!!"


MrGoodson2 said...

The one with the halfling elf looking character surrounded by monsters will have a lot of the line art pushed way back with color holds. This is another thing where I'll have to keep drawing even though I'd rather take a nap.

Tom Moon said...

The piece with the Halfling is looking really great. When you say you would rather be napping, do you mean you are not enjoying doing this piece? Or it's just so much work with a tight deadline?

MrGoodson2 said...

Deadline isn't too tight. I just get tired and have to make myself draw when I don't feel like it. Then I work through it and I'm always happy I did.
Drawing should be fun. Once I get to where I'm having fun, usually within 10 minutes, then I'm OK.

Tom Moon said...

Yes, it is fun. After struggling through art school, which often was not fun, after working for employers for over thirty years doing "kinda-art-stuff", I now get to draw for the sheer fun of it. It took some effort to re-discover that art could be, should be fun. It feels like being a kid again.

Rickart said...

That's why I like working on 2D games... I can still find myself drawing at work. Even if it's for a specific game, even if the game isn't something I'm totally hyped about, if it's drawing then I'm a pretty happy camper.

Tom Moon said...

Rick, I'm tempted to say "You're lucky," as far as your job goes, but it wasn't really luck was it? You've just kept your hand in drawing no matter what, like Marty, Ellis and Scott. That's why you've always been called upon to do the concepting for work.

Ellis, I love the color version of the half-elf drawing. I smile when I look at it because at first glance it reminds me a little of "monster karaoke"!

MrGoodson2 said...

It's a little lame looking. But a tough blend to do. It asks to blend the ancient code of a blue line grid for DD role playing with modern game figures. Little claustrophobic to make the characters all have natural spots on a grid in that way. And then the idea of an elevation with actual walls. Could have been done better.

I also got a new piece of knowledge. They prefer female characters not to be skimpily clad.

Davis Chino said...

THe color version are really fun...I get what you're saying about the difficulty of making the "faceted" aspect work.

BUT the elf girl looks great--esp'ly yr burnt-umber pick-out monsters. Dude, I tell you, nothing wrong with keeping it in the earth tones--you've got a great feel for 'em. And hey--it worked out OK for Bernie Fuchs!

p.s. At first glance the elf girl looks like she's a disco princess about to yowl into her microphone--and that's a good thang!