Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Golden Age Daydream for Tom Moon

I was doodling and somehow this scene came out...it seemed like something that would make Tom Moon laugh. Therefore, I had to finish it.

My perspective is still so shaky...

A Golden Age tribute. It should be a cover (obviously!), and I'd imagined a typical DC blurb attached, something like, "Super Jimmy GOES INSANE?!?"

Tom Moon, you should color this for the benefit of our TAG family.


MrGoodson2 said...

That's really funny. It would be funny if a guy dressed like that and laughed outside of a bank. Great, When you say doodle - did you do any pencils- Straight out of the pen brush?

Tom Moon said...

I LOVE IT! Or as you might say I BE LOFFINK IT! How come your doodles end up looking like polished professional commissions? And I don't see how your perspective could be any better.

Davis Chino said...

Tommy! Elz!

This is large--11 x 14--and done in pencil first. I spent most of the day on it--and it still ain't really done. But I had to get it posted before midnight Tuesday to play within the TAG rules ;)

Tom, I'm so glad you like it--I totally see this with that DC Golden era washed-out watercolor look, a big "Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen" type title on it, etc. I DID have a word balloon for Jimmy, ("You want MONEY from this bank?!? HAHAHA!") but this is much more enigmatic, isn't it? And it's the way the original vision came to me--just an odd scene.

GOLDEN AGE SURREALISM. A new sketchbook.

Tom Moon, I see you've posted an actual Tom Moon sketchbook image--HUZZAH!!!

Tom Moon said...

"You want MONEY from this bank?!? HAHAHA!" That would have been pretty enigmatic too.