Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tuesday Sketch(s)

This lacks the charm of "Cork" and the wit of "Norbert and Billy". Just a two sketches done in a meeting scanned and stitched together. If you're inspired, you can post their imagined conversation. Mr. Buncake let's keep it clean.


Mr Goodson said...

Gorilla "Stop me if you've heard this one"

Demon "With pleasure."

Beata said...

Great sketches, Jeff ... very inspiring.
Ellis, your wit continues to blow me away. Here's another:

Civilized (tie-wearing) Gorilla:
Pardon me, would you have any Grey Poop-on?

Well, not on, per se, but give me a moment.

Surly Bird said...

One word: Cool!

rickart said...

"Barkeep, I'll have one Blazing Saddle, if you please."
"One Blazing Saddle comin' right up!"

BTW, is everyone aware that Mr. Ranjo's work has once again turned up in a Disney book? "Disney Lost and Found" is the title.

Mr Goodson said...

Wild Life Lost and Found. Pages 60 and 61.

I was able to browse the index on Amazon. Don't think I found the art.

It does have the Ranjo pages bracketed on the "surprize me" feature. But i ran out of allowable preview pages before I saw it.

Davis Chino said...

Gorilla: Have you been suffering from hemorrhoids lately--??

Skull: Yes--would you like them?

No, that's not very funny. But everyone else's are great! As is yr drawing, Jeff, (I'd love to have been in on that story meeting...).

Jeff said...

Thanks for the heads up Rick. I heard that a book was coming out. The sad thing is that I worked on all three of those failed movies. Hmmm. Was it me? When I left their films started to do better! I tried seeing what was on the page but it never let me.

Marty - the meeting went kinda like this..."First act...blah blah blah...dark antagonist...blah blah blah...draws a line...blah blah blah...second act...blah blah...saves the day...blah blah blah." I just drew during the "Blah blah blahs"

Nice captions everyone! (except Buncake)