Thursday, September 04, 2008

Laundry Day

On Tom's recommendation, zipping over here from Facebook TAG.

So here's the sketch for my new book with Clarion -- I just got the news yesterday that they bought it! This is the first book I've sold based on one spread (sketch) and the manuscript. Wow, that's a lot less work than doing the whole dummy before I show it to the publisher. So, I think this is pretty unique -- very much a graphic novel format in a 32 page picture book for little kids. I'm inspired by artists from Sendak (everything) to Shaun Tan (The Arrival) to Brian Selznick (The Invention of Hugo Cabret) and hope I've got my own little take on the idea.


Tom Moon said...

It looks wonderful Maurie. I've often felt that the children's book arena could be the saviour of the comic book format of storytelling.

If the best elements of comics and standard children's books were combined, it could bring back some of the innocence + innovation of the medium that I've missed these last 30 or 40 years.

The kind of detail that you put into your drawings is a perfect example of time well spent on detail, because it's an original and personal vision.

Have you checked out "The Clouds Above" by Jordan Crane? It's a great example of comic book storytelling in a children's book format.

Mr Goodson said...

Congratulations on the sell! It looks great.
Completely digital?

Scotty Buncake said...

Awesome, Maurie! Me likes lots. In the end the kid gets eaten by the Chinese woman right? Oh the youthful psyche-scarring you could do with that! But, seriously, congrats on the sale! Looks way cooler than Jeff's exposed butt cheeks ever could. Show more pages when you get more done!

rickart said...

Splendid! It’s charming and delightful. It’s a very rich and inviting world that you are creating.

I enjoyed the Hugo Cabret book quite a bit, although I was a little confused as how the author was making decisions about what to illustrate and what to describe with words. This seems very straightforward and accessible.

And now I’m hungry for a moon cake!

Tom Carroll said...

Cakes made by Tom Moon? I only knew he cooked spaghetti ... but that would be a completely different story! Wonderful pages; deeee-licious.

MJM said...

Thanks for the awesome comments. Tom, I just looked up "The Clouds Above" really cool -- and they show you a lot of interior pages if you keep hitting "surprise me" I wonder why I've never seen that book anywhere -- particularly with the great reviews. It's long, over 200 pages so maybe it just couldn't find the right audience.

I absolutely adored Hugo Cabret (except for the actual plot about the movie maker.) I thought it was completely inspired. There were times when I couldn't believe the seamless way Selznick melded text and pictures. One particular example that sticks out to me is when the toymaker tells the boy (in a few pages of text) to fix the mechanical mouse he has broken. Then several pages of drawings, closer and closer on the boy's hands as he fixes the toy. Then you turn the page and the text continues: "I knew you could do it."

So any of you ever think of trying the children's trade market? Graphic novels and hybrids are here to stay. Scott, why not submit CORK to a traditonal publisher?


PS Yes, Ellis -- all digital. I don't even have a traditional studio set up anymore.

Deane D said...

Congratulations! Your illustration is very nice, so soft and smooth. It almost seems like a dream, especially with the boy walking on the clothesline (he won't fall, right?)

rickart said...

I would love to do a kids book... and Sue has written a couple of stories, too.

Jeff said...

Congrats Maurie!! Looks great. So will it be all b/w or will you add color? Just wonderin'

And yes Scotty Buncake. Oh yes. Nice new pic. It makes you almost legit.

rickart said...

Yeah, it makes him look like Mit Romney.

MJM said...

Hey Jeff! Yes there will be color. Starts out in the grimy street (circa 1900, lower east side of NYC) in grays, then this bright red cloth - the only splash of color -- falls from above. As the boy climbs skyward and interacts with the tenement residents thru the story, the overall colors get brighter.