Thursday, September 25, 2008

Rick's In SEATTLE?!?!

DUDE, that is SO COOL you're in Seattle. That's Blair and I's absolutely most favorite American city. Have you looked in Magnolia for a place to live? We like that neighborhood lots. Love the downtown.

And you can play tennis between drizzles.


Mr Goodson said...

Go up there and get a Google job. Great drawing. I like weighty characters that look agile. Like your hippos on your other blog

rickart said...

The extra twist in the feet are an especially nice touch.

We aren't living living in the city... we have found a place in Lynnwood where they have very nice schools and a house big enough for the entire brood that we can afford.

We are in escrow right now, so cross your fingers that it all goes well and we move in mid Oct. Marty, if you like it here so much, then we expect a visit soon!

Davis Chino said...

Yes!! We will come to visit! We hope to one day move up there! That's awesome you guys already found a place--congrats! It is a lovely place--and it sounds like you are enjoying it. Tom Moon likes it up there, too. And be sure to go to Etta's for a meal--it's just up along the street that runs in front of Pike's Place market--just a block up from the original Starbucks. Very tasty place!

rickart said...

Surly Bird is already up here, as is Mike Christian, so having more TAG folks up here would be awesome!

I just got word that the seller has accepted our inspection... we are one step closer! Whoo hoo!