Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tuesday Comes; Post I Must!

A sketchbook page I was working on yesterday at Nathaniel's soccer practice ... Scribble sketches in the vein of Bob Kato's work ... Lots of character; lots of fun.


Jeff said...

Cool! Are these people from the practice or from your imagination??

Kali Fontecchio said...

The bottom doodle reminds me of a gustaf tenggren painting!

Tom Carroll said...

Purely imagination. I hold the pencil lightly between two fingers, scribble around in a confined area, then begin picking out details to refine. It's a lot of fun, especially when you don't have any agenda to accomplish. ;-)

Kali ... I'll have to look up tenggren's work. Thanks for the lead.

rickart said...

So you are just scribbling around and these are the guys who just come out of the end of your pencil? Cool!

Nice work, Tom... If I wasn't so crazy with moving nonsense I would be putting pencil to paper myself!

Mr Goodson said...

Rick, where are you moving?

Tom, I like that you find these characters as an organic build up. I do the same thing for most of my better doodles.

My big recent observation on profile noses is going to result in a lot of experimental doodles. I've just discovered that the profile planes on the nose should be pushed in a lot closer to the skull and detal muzzle than I've always drawn it. I discovered this as I was doing a 3d model and the light went off in my head that my profile noses weren't penetrating enough down to the skull bone. Marty could explain it with anatomy exactness.

rickart said...

We are getting the boot from our landlady who wants to sell the house we are living in, so to answer your question, we don't know yet.