Saturday, August 09, 2008

I got the little cintiq

or it got me, rather. It's my new workstation, and I'm enjoying it very much so. I don't think I'll be able to part with it.

I think I actually prefer the little one! I can goto bed and do some work and fall asleep with it. I give it 5 stars.


rickart said...

Very cool! I'm glad you are having fun with it.

And nice drawings... we want to see the "Grand Illusions" drawing in color now!

Tom Moon said...

Kali, you do great work. I've been to your web site and admired your drawings there too. Years ago when I first got a job in the video games industry at BlueSky, I met a remarkably talented young guy named Marty Davis. And now look at him; animator, sculptor and draghtsman extraordinaire. You remind me of him somehow. What do you plan to do when you graduate from school? And what are you doing up at 1:41 in the morning?

James Sutton said...

I can't wait to get a Cintiq!

Oh man, that'll be the day..

Mr Goodson said...

Tom, Kali is a graduate of OTIS. She's out there working. I'm curious about what work involves myself. With a home work station of little cintiq being supplied by the employer? Hope they let you keep it Kali. Great little toons. The little figure at the top has all the jokey pulchritude I liked so much in the one I have of the cat suit girl.

I'm in Arkansas working on a very primitive computer. Getting ready to head back in another day and resume my healthy internet addiction. It would probably take two hours to upload a graphic file from my present location

Kali Fontecchio said...

"And nice drawings... we want to see the "Grand Illusions" drawing in color now!"

Thanks Rick! It's a rough for a hair salon mural- so if I get an approval on it I'll get on it with finishing it up.

Tom Moon:

I'll have to look up who are talking about, I am not familiar with him. For he moment I am inking on John K's new cartoons, and learning tons along the way. Right now I am currently packing up my things and moving to Burbank to near the epicenter of the universe, haha.

You have one right? The same one I have? John got it for me to "use" so that I can turn out more inks quicker. It definitely has worked- I'm working twice as fast now.

Ar-kansas? Whoa- are you going to resume your position at Otis? If so, tell me when so I can stop by and say hi!

Nico said...

i love these drawings Kali! You and your new cintiq make like such a dynamic duo. You rock girl

Jeff said...

Hey Kali, these are fun! Have you ever worked on the larger Cintiq?? I was wondering how the two sizes compared. I was thinking about getting the bigger one because I think the smaller might get too crowded with menus.

Mr Goodson said...

I have the same Cintiq Kali. I just don't use mine.

And I will be returning to OTIS. I'm going to prepare a hand out at the first of class where I list a bunch of useful things I think every artists should be aware of in photoshop. They will check whether they're familiar with each thing and turn it back in to me. That way I can give personalized lessons.

Mr Goodson said...

I'm back! And ready to redress all those Buncake attacks!

Kali Fontecchio said...

"Have you ever worked on the larger Cintiq??"

Yes- which is nice- but definitely, if your life resembles mine in any form, the lack of space makes it hard to have BIG things. Thus Ikea, tupperware, and little cintiqs are perfect. The screen doesn't get too crowded for I keep most things on the other screen (my laptop) and only the program I am drawing in occupies the cintiq space.

Also the mobility, which is more like the tablet, than a normal screen makes it wonderful for bedtime doodles when you're too lazy to sit up, haha.

Ellis: make them do traditional media as well! And if they don't do their homework, give them a whoopin'! Maybe they'll get a Whoopin Cough, ha!

Is Cathy jones returning as well, or are you flying solo on this mission?