Sunday, August 24, 2008


Krayonzilla has insisted that I post something and say hello. For all those who remember me from my time with TAG, hi, and to those who are from other TAG incarnations, nice to meet you. This is an atypical piece of what I do for the North County Times. The typical pieces are not worth contemplating. Mostly, I observe the death throes of a minor metropolitan newspaper. I usually leave all modern interactive communication to my daughter so forgive any protocol infractions and my general blog ignorance.


Beata said...

Welcome back, Ben!
One by one, we seem to be reconnecting ... what fun! Perhaps even Ron will eventually surface.

You may also want to join the TAG group on Facebook; I'll send you an invitation.

BdMontag said...

Thanks, Beata.
I'll check out the facebook thing soon.

Jeff said...

Ben!! Wait...who are you again?? Ha just kiddin' Glad you're back!! Now all we need is Joe Chiodo, Shel, and Eric Shanower on this bad boy and ..oh wait, Ron! Ron too!! Great post!! Post more!! Comment!! Make fun on Scott!! Wheee!! Yeah and join the Facebook TAG group. They you can REALLY make fun of Scott (since he's not on there) Good to hear from you.

Mr Goodson said...

Hello and welcome Ben Montag. Long time ago in a City far away.

Run away from newspaper work.It is a dying industry. Maybe get into the online version of the paper.

Posting to the Blog might encourage you to do some personal work.

rickart said...

Great to see you posting, Ben! Good work getting him to post, Jim!

Newspapers are a tough gig these days, that's for sure. Cartoonists all over are griping about it... except for the ones that are trying out new business models, like this guy:
Glad to see you on board! The more the merrier!

Anonymous said...

Bout time, Dude.