Saturday, August 30, 2008

5 Creepys for 50 bucks

I bought this anthology Dark Horse has published of Creepy, 1 thru 5.
REally nice reproduction on quality paper. Which is kind of a first. Creepy was very much a pulp mag. With the nice cheap newsprint. It's exciting to see Frazetta's Werewolf in high contrast on good white stock.

They are complete recreations of everything published in the mag at the time. Ads, letters.

The first page has an invitation to subscribe for 6 issues. For two dollars!

I added a picture of the main man, Archie Goodwin, who wrote and edited most of those early Creepy stories. Behind him, it looks like Sergio Aragones. And shaking his hand some guy with a bad rug.

I met Goodwin at a Tulsa con back in the early 80s. Really cool guy. We talked about Sergio Leone westerns.

The title is a link.


rickart said...

Heh... I have an Archie Goodwin story... I went to my first Con (86? 87?) with a portfolio of pencils and inks of standard superhero stuff and with high hopes. AG was one of the first guys I spoke with and he totally trashed that stuff. He did, however, like some cartoony stuff I keep in my portfolio as an afterthought. I was totally pissed off and discouraged but in the months afterword I thought better of my encounter with him. He had given me an honest assessment and I needed to distance myself from my own work. I decided to keep the cartoony stuff in my portfolio. Sure enough, it was that stuff that started getting me real work.

The lesson here is be true to yourself and your strengths!

Deane D said...

The "Creepy" book looks like a good deal if you are into that genre of comics. What caught my eye on the Dark Horse site was the "Robots and Donuts" book. Too cool.