Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Rock N' Roll Lifestyle

Hey, here's a new strip I've finally completed. THis is the first page (of 2.33 total) in two tasty bites.

Check out Brush Pen Breakfast for Page 2.

COMMENTS AND CRITICISMS WELCOME. No need to butter me up--I'll lend you money anyhow.


rickart said...

Okay, here goes... I think the story thus far is cool. I want to see where you are going with it-- a mark of any good story telling. Your figure work is always great.. The back handed use of the Iphone is very clever and I like how the thin lady is doubling over with laughter.

Are you familiar with Paul Chadwick? Your brushwork and character design really reminds me of his terrific work on Concrete.

I think that the buildings are a bit lifeless. I know that you can draw some beautiful buildings, so I'm caulking it up to just being a little stiff at the beginning of a project. I'd like to suggest the possibility of adding some people walking around on the streets in the background... and perhaps using a brush to paint in the gray tones rather than flat fills (except for the pattern on the pants--that is perfect just as it is)... I think an approach like that might make the backgrounds feel as loose and lively as the figures.

Overall an excellent effort! I can't wait to see the finished product. Will you be sharing this with your TAG comrades at the Con?

Mr Goodson said...

Marty, you've got all the sample you need to go to work at Image DC Marvel etc. I like the bent over laughing figure. Overall the shots are great and they show you can do the thing that 90 percent of comic book illustration needs to do well. The ordinary. Street scenes, stuff like that. Good storytelling.

I think you can get someone interested at the CON.

Mr Goodson said...

Marty, extra inf. The DVD of WALL e cinematics has been compiled. Ones for you. Arrange for a lunch with me or Ed to get yours. They're a kick to watch and there's a nice credits page

Mr Goodson said...

Hey marty. How are you getting the benday effect for screens?

Tom Moon said...

I agree. The drawings are awesome and reminiscent of Paul Chadwick. So far so good on the story, but I'll wait 'til it really gets going to say any more.

Regarding the editorial voice of the narrator: it has a very strong flavor to it, and so the author is placing himself in the foreground. He is essentially a third character.

Its humorous, tongue-in-cheek tone reminds me of the narrator of the campy Batman series of the '60's. That was successful because it was used sparingly.

The Lemony Snickett books used this technique very well, but there are times when the reader would rather that the author get out of the way and let us form our own opinions of the characters.

It's still too early to judge how well I'll like it in your strip.

Fantastic work Marty. You could absolutely get professional work at this point. Please keep it coming!

Tom Carroll said...

I can only add ... post it already!! And keep us all informed about the response ... It's amazingly good!

pantagruel said...

I love how you did the figures… even though I'm built like the fat woman, so it's a bit painful to look at. Ouch.

I agree about the buildings, though -- they don't have the same life as your figures in their lines.

Mr Goodson said...

Welcome Pantagruel, former student of Marty Davis by way of Watts. I learned that by reading your blog. Dig what I've seen of your work.

pantagruel said...

Hey mr goodson; nice to meet you. Despite going to Watts, I never managed to take one of Marty's classes -- only ever saw the results strewn about the rooms. I didn't meet Marty until this year, at Book Expo; fun story. ;) Thanks for the kind words about my work; I'll go check out yours!