Saturday, July 11, 2015

Comic Con San Diego 2015 - Day Two

I had the pleasure of running into Patrick Ho at the Con yesterday for those of you who know him. He's still working at Daybreak.  Also saw Batton Lash who remembered you Marty, as "an extremely talented artist".

I made the acquaintance of a writer named Maxwell Alexander Drake who had a booth there.  He is a freelance writer working part time as a contractor for SOE/Daybreak.  His job is to rewrite the lore for the new Everquest game and write fiction based on that lore.

I talked to him for awhile, and what impressed me was that he told Daybreak that he needed to have a free hand in writing new lore, and that his stories were NOT going to be written for the hard core fan base, but rather for those unfamiliar with the game.  Guess I will try reading some of it.  He and I were talking about how "Lore" as written by the designers, is unreadable for the average person.

He also has a reputation for something called the "Genesis of Oblivion" saga -
Apparently he was an established fantasy/sci-fi writer before the producers at SOE offered him the job, they being fans of his.  He also writes graphic novels:

After I told him I was a former SOE artist he invited me to network because he is constantly looking for artists to collaborate with him on personal projects.  I said that I wasn't looking for work, but maybe some of you guys (Ellis?  Marty?) might want to talk to him.


MrGoodson2 said...

That's what I need. Someone out there finding me fun work. I may talk to him Tom. Cool shots. I'm glad you're doing some reporting. You always find cool things other people miss.

MrGoodson2 said...

Great shots. Harleyquinn is very cute. You should send a link to Scott Derrickson of the Dr Strange. Do you think he'll look Ditkoesque in the movie?

Rickart said...

Looks like you are having some fun! I always like to see Dr. Strange get some love.