Saturday, July 11, 2015

Comic Con San Diego 2015 Day Three and Four

 A lot more costumed fans turned up

A huge crowd was gathered around this booth. I saw a bunch of good-looking people sitting at a table signing autographs with microphones hovering above them. I didn't recognize any of them until people in the crowd started waving at this one blonde woman yelling out to her, "January!"

 Slightly less of a crowd about this table, but just as good-looking a person sitting at the table.

 Entire population of DC hero and villain cosplayers gathered on the back steps.

Baby Edward Scissorhands looking puzzled and bored.
Some kind of Harley and Deathstroke the Terminator

 Thought this was amusing. Stumbled across this picture on the internet one day. Apparently sometimes these bi-colored lobsters are caught, half-brown, half-orange.  Looks like "Deathstroke the Lobster" doesn't he?

 This woman did a good job on her Mortal Kombat character, Mileena.

This year's TAG group had a picnic lunch on the lawn behind the Hyatt Hotel.  So many missing members...


Rickart said...

Are you sure that lobster isn't just half boiled?

Love the pics! Thanks for sharing! What's YOUR cosplay going to be next time?

Tom Moon said...

National Geographic article on split-colored lobsters:

MrGoodson2 said...

That's fascinating that the color would be so symmetrically split. Good to see Benefiel still making his presence felt. Even if it's not at the picnic.Brings back good memories thanks for posting them.