Saturday, December 21, 2013

Xmas Specials and Sympathy

Remember the anticipation you'd feel in the days and weeks leading up to the one-time event that was the screening of our favorite animated Xmas classics?
We're in Virginia with the nieces/nephew. Had to share some crayon love. They like Rudolf, but when I asked them to name their favorite movie of the moment, they answered "High Society" (1954).


Yes, the one starring Bing Crosby, Grace Kelly, Louis Armstrong and that other guy, the skinny singer dude from Hoboken...what's his name?
They awoke to find this drawing on the counter. I said The Elf on the Shelf did it. Their Elf is named Helper, which I find really funny.

Arm surgery went well, (repaired a torn tendon), but can't use it much right now. Hoping for a full recovery soon. Trying to milk all the sympathy I can in the meantime by wearing my sling everywhere.


MrGoodson2 said...

Interesting the angle they go in at. You know your anatomy so well I imagine you can visualize what they did once it was opened.
We need those little micro robotic speed knitting contraptions so surgeons don't have to carve people up.
Hope that comes back 100 percent. You may have some nerve damage that makes the area a little dead to surface touch. I don't think there's anyway around that the big cuts cause nerve damage locally.
Great crayon work. I know that movie. So the kids go with Bing vs Stop motion magic. Must be the uncanny valley effect. Great post. Happy Holiday.
I'm just going to continue to do the occasional post like I have no life. Or as evidence that I in fact have no life. So check here every couple of days.

JMG said...

A Frankenstein SCAR!!! OUCH!

Tom Moon said...

Howja do it? The torn tendon. Too much oomph in your backhand swing?

Rickart said...

It doesn't seem to be effecting your drawing ability. Heal fast, sir!