Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Balloons in place-

It will take some nudges here and there.
I'm also thinking I'll do the line art in maga studio, 
then switch to photoshop for any tone.
I just like painting in photoshop better.
Then on to some other things.
 Scott Sackett from the Ok Comic Creator FB group framed one of my Inktober sketches.
Amazing what a little frame does for something
It goes from refrigerator art to heirloom.


Tom Moon said...

Great Ellis. Getting the basic layout done is always big milestone, and I'll bet it feels good.

MrGoodson2 said...

Going to ink some tonight. Try to get it done before Christmas. My gift to myself.

Davis Chino said...

The deadpan Goodson humor is alive and well--this page had me cracking up.

Really good stuff.

I will check out the tumblr ASAP...I'm out with family right now in the wilds of Virginia...computer time is scarce. Hope everyone is enjoying the time of year.

And I haven't forgotten our collaboration project, Ellis--I'll get to work on it tomorrow. THis arm surgery has slowed me down a bit. Today was the first day I sat down and tried to draw (a tardy xmas card design--we'll see what the printers do with it) and work on the computer, and it still smarts a bit...have to go slow. But the prognosis is good.


Davis Chino said...

p.s. I wrote this post days ago...travelin' wifi blues.