Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Interesting-Checkpoint Sudios? XSeed?

I had a ground floor opportunity with this company. I assume they are still going but as XSeed. Sounds like the main guy suffering semi-freeze out was Brian, who started the whole idea. Lots of me reading between the lines. I don't really know anything. The art is some residual crap I did for them that is still haunting the machine in Google images.
And I just read that THQ is defunct. I assume that affects my old company, Heavy Iron. They primarily got their funding from THQ.


Davis Chino said...

I followed the link and read the story on this. Sheesh.... I didn't know those guys had gone out and started their own company. Always liked Chris M. You did art for these guys? Hope the new venture taps you up for some more Goodson Goodness...if and when they get out of court!

MrGoodson2 said...

Not going to ever be there go to guy for art. I was there and quit them about 6 months before they got funding. Then I tried to get a job as an employee and was told that was a no go.
Since I was that close to it, I'd like to know every thing. But I don't really have anyone to pump for info. Maybe Alex Chavez that kind of stepped into where I was. Alex doesn't seem to be a XSeed according to LinkedIn. But he may not have updated,