Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Comp

Dang, I missed Tuesday.

Here's a comp for an "illustration" (y'know, I don't think I can call it that unless I'm getting paid)  for the Emerald City Comic Con Charity Book. My plan was to colorize that Cramps bride & groom drawing from a few weeks ago, but they nixed that due to copyright. So this is my last minute brainstorm, inspired by the Hammer film, "The GORGON." (A really fun movie--and you should gird yourselves, 'cuz I gave it the "Film Frame Friday" treatment.)

What d'you think?


MrGoodson2 said...

Wow. I hope you do justice to this really strong composition. Very eye catching. Frazetta like "Rough Work."

This makes me think about Remmer's big note to me at the Fest Con.

Remmer's Idea-Mike Hoffman

Notice the prices he is getting for some of these pieces. I just recently sold some of my own goofy paintings. I think this may be my new ambition. About 4 C notes a week. I could make it with that. Better yet if it's all 4 hundred for just one painting.

You could make a K per painting with your eye for the Frazetta aesthetic.

Rickart said...

Yup, classic composition! Moar!