Thursday, July 22, 2010

Rough Cut of Concept Reel-Click Title

I'll have a better soundtrack with some narration - explanation of the art. Plus, it needs to have some stuff cut and some other stuff inserted. It's getting there.


Davis Chino said...

EL! Dammit, I thought I'd see you last night. We missed you terribly.

Had comments on the reel, but my first thought is--WOW! Your stuff looks so dang great--perfect for concept artist/environment designer. Supper strong stuff!

I might cut down the number of examples--run-thru entire variety of "worlds" right off the bat--like three exp's from ShullMonkeys, backyard brawler, etc.; then I'd go back for a couple more detailed looks at each of those worlds (but again, quick), then the Pixar-themed stuff as a finale.

Looking awesome--seeing the stuff you were doing for PS1 games--it's taken a decade for the industry to reach your level of artistry! Your time is NOW!

MrGoodson2 said...

Thanks Marty. Sorry I didn't make it. I messed up every bio rhythm I had and felt super low energy. I headed back early and paid the full price in 405 hell for it. I would much rather have been visiting with you guys.
Thanks for the comments. I will do a lot of cuts and stop zooming and jigging so much.
What are you doing? Your LinkeIn has storyboards. Are you able to focus exclusively on that?