Monday, July 26, 2010

Is Comic Con a dead duck for the future?

This was from IO9 Comic Con "Losers" list.

"Sorry, but it's true. Every year, people talk about how Hollywood has taken over Comic Con, but this year it was patently true. And the "Big Two" comic book companies weren't even trying — Marvel and DC had no big announcements at SDCC this year, so there was no buzz about what's next for the Marvel and DC universes. Everywhere we went on the floor, we heard comics publishers and retailers complaining about weak sales, because comics were losing out to toys, video games and movie merchandising. The only time you heard people expressing excitement for superheroes was in reference to their movie incarnations. This may have benefited Oni Press and Image, as we mentioned above, but it didn't seem to translate to interest in the Green Lantern comic book. At our io9 panel, Douglas Wolk asked how many people liked the Iron Man movie, and everyone raised their hands. Then Wolk asked how many people read the stupendously awesome Iron Man comic lately, and most of the hands went down."


Rickart said...

What is "IO9 Comic Con 'Losers' list"?

As to the content of the message, Yeah, comic con has been like that for years. My interest in going is way more about seeing friends than the movie and TV stuff. I don't even go to those movie panels. However, if there are still things that I find interesting at the con then I think it's worth my time. Sure comics have taken a back seat to all that other stuff, but they are still there, right? Besides, in all honesty I don't buy comics anymore... I check out trade paperbacks and the library or by specialty books at the con.

I think what has happened to the con isn't that movies and TV have taken over but that comic con is now interesting to a mainstream audience who are willing to shell out the money to spend the day there. The movie studios see this as a great (and cheap) way to create buzz for a film, so they send a few stars and directors to chat for an hour and get people pumped about their movie. If there wasn't such a huge crowd there Hollywood wouldn't give Comic Con the time of day.

MrGoodson2 said...

They need the Corps of Enginneers to build 3 breezeways across Harbor. Or perhaps more efficiently tunnel under harbor in 3 or more spots.

Anonymous said...

it's a GEEK SITE

MrGoodson2 said...

Rick, I don't really buy comics either. It's always art book swag for me. And used to be obscure movies. I think I'm sated on obscure movies. Mainly because there is no such thing now days. You're always about two clicks away from finding anything you want.
The Buzz effect is why to be there. If you have anything you want to get legs, do it at the Con. This idea for Tom Carroll and anyone else entrepreneurial. Think about doing it outside the con. Be one of the flashy postcard distributors.
There was a guy helping counter protest the Crazy Baptists that held up his web comic title. He's gotten a crazy traffic surge because of all the stills that were captured of him holding his sign.
That's what I think I'll do next time.

MrGoodson2 said...

It just occurs to me, The Con is more Mardi Gras than comic books now days. We're there because if we aren't we'd be square.
Plus , you get to meet all the other hipsters.