Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Wednesday Sketch Surprise

OMG! I'm posting a drawing!!! Just a doodle cause of boredom. Some kind of robot-guy . I think he was inspired by a Power Ranger's episode I was watching with my kid the other night.


Mr Goodson said...

Very nice. I first read the face as profile with the red eye being the one we could see on this side. Then as I was admiring that long neck design and detail in it, I realzed the face is turned 3/4 to us, making him a red eyed cyclops. Right?

rickart said...

Yes, I read it as a cyclops as well.

I've been doing some drawing at work lately myself... only it's for work so I can't share any of it!

I've got some other drawings I've done recently... once I get my hands on a scanner I'll share them.

Tom Moon said...

Awesome design Jeff!