Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Tuesday Penguin

My first balloon thought was "breakfast is served." Decided it was funnier to leave it blank.


Davis Chino said...


Your Penguin is red--and haughty! What are you trying to say?

We should go and see it (Surf's Up) again on our date. (Ellis is taking Blair and I out some evening soon--he thinks he owes me because he got the head-hunting bonus for bringing me to THQ--now that he's cashed the check, I'm free to quit! Who's idea was it to get me back into games, anyway? Y'know what, you DO owe me, EL!)

rickart said...

Oooh... we can all come up with suggestions to fill that balloon...

Mine is "Zzzzzz...."

I know, not very funny, but pretty accurate for Jeff! ;)

rickart said...

BTW, nice job, Ellis!

Mr Goodson said...

"Oh, the pressure." another caption. You're right Rick. Jeff doesn't feel the pressure. He's just that good.

Jeff said...

"Please go see the movie or I'll lose my job"
"Please go see the movie or I'll lose my job"
"Please go see the movie or I'll lose my job"

Mr Goodson said...

Ha! That's a funny caption Jeff. Marty, Blair and I went to see the latest Pirates movie. Afterwards, we all agreed Surf's Up was a lot better movie.

rickart said...

Okay, so I saw Surfs Up this weekend. A fun film... although I think I saw too much of the film before getting to the theatre... because of the previews and advertising I was familiar with too many of the gags. Dang marketing!

It's a very pretty film to watch, and the water was just amazing! I really enjoyed the relationship between Cody and Z... it's a shame they couldn't have been together for more of the film. Tank was terrific... I don't think I'll ever get tired of the gag of Tank and his "Ladies"!

Also, I'm glad that you have managed to get kids into your movies... both in New Groove & Surfs Up you have added kids into the mix. I think too often kids are left out of Hollywood stories, except to wisecrack, which these kids don't do at all.

Well done, buddy!