Monday, April 10, 2006


I have a rapidly depleting 1 by 1.5 size pad of post its in front of me today.

I added another doodle for my Tuesday contibution


TopCat said...

Inspirational ... both for me as an aspiring artist, and as someone who is going to go out and invest in the company that makes those #$%&@! pads!

Keep it up, Ellis. It's aaaall good.

Dok said...


rickart said...

Aaahhh, post-it drawings... reminds me of Jostens Learning...
Rob, Jeff, Dante, Joe and the rest making all sorts of amazing little drawings that eventually covered the walls of the office. I think Dante has a collection of them somewhere.

Nice work, Mr. G! I can't pick a favorite... although the hedgehog with the mustache is pretty nifty.