Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Page o' Weirdness

When the girls eat breakfast before school I will sometimes do some sketches while we chat... that's what we've got right here. The drawings have nothing to do with what we chat about, it's just something to occupy my hands. This is the original arrangement of the drawings... I only messed with the levels in Photoshop.


Mr Goodson said...

Great, I like that fangey biped fish a lot. And the kid behind him. I've formed a loose storytelling connection between them

DokDokWhozThere said...

Same here! Those just jumped out at me.

Excellent line quality throughout! But there's something just a trace different here than the traditional Schmitz style - but that may be your work with the levels.

Tom Moon said...

I have always envied your talent to spontaneously sketch anywhere and anytime. Ideas seem to pour out of you constantly and you are one of the most prolific artists I know.

rickart said...

Yeah I'm prolific alright, and I've got the 3 kids to prove it! ;)

Thanks for the kind words.