Wednesday, January 20, 2016

A lady

I can't really show much of anything that I'm working on these days, but I am showing a small portion of an image that we aren't using at the moment.  It doesn't really show anything... it's part of a concept drawing for one of the games I'm working on.
All the personal work I'm doing these days I'm sharing on my FB art page, Instagram, etc., so I don't want to clutter the TAG blog with that stuff.  I'll be able to share more about our games in a few months.


Tom Moon said...

A cool and provocative little image piece!

I wouldn't consider it clutter for you to share a drawing you already share on your Facebook page. It's just an opportunity to comment on your work among a small subset of your friends!

Surly Bird said...

I'd love to see more work from you here, Rick, since I'm trying to steer clear of Facebook. Like NBC used to say, 'It's not a re-run if you haven't seen it.'

MrGoodson2 said...

Those great monsters would look good on the blog. I dig the dynamic female.