Friday, February 14, 2014

Update from Tom C. (Games / Retail / Stuff ... )

Seen above is the Space Baby Patrol game that is in a cabinet built in Mexico. Jeff Remmer did the original art for the game and I cobbled together the cabinet graphics from some of his renders. David Dentt and Steve Hostetler (BlueSky alums will remember Dave and Steve) did the programming and engine respectively. The game is on test right now at the Corvette Diner by Liberty Station in San Diego and is doing well (about $100 a day). We'll take it to a show in Vegas in March after having a new cabinet built that doesn't look like it was brought forward from some '80s arcade. The second game we made, Candy Popper!!, is being prototyped by a company in Utah, but they've run into interface board programming problems and that game probably won't be at the show.  More about it when it becomes "real."

Personally, I do work with RetroActiv Games (see above), teach Portfolio II one day a week at the Art Institute of Calif., San Diego in Mission Valley, San Diego, and now work full time as a hardware guy, clinics captain, and apron designer at the North Oceanside Home Depot (#1018, off of Highway 76 at Melrose Ave.). Unlike Ellis (who I completely understand), I don't mind the customer service stuff in retail and treat it like a game. I also like putting on the clinics for the store and have made a real role for myself doing apron art, mostly with borrowed images from the internet. I'll show a few of the better ones I have done in another blog post...

My hope is that the arcade games take off, but because of the state of the economy I don't anticipate quitting any day jobs anytime soon!!!


MrGoodson2 said...

You guys could get some sort of Flappy Birds take off from left field and be rolling in the money. You never know. The point is you are pitching. Looks great. Good to hear some many old blue sky team players are re-melding for projects.

As far as Home Depot goes, if you can make yourself like that, you are so adaptable you could live on the Sun. That's a good trait. I hated every minute I spent in the dump.

Davis Chino said...

Tom!! This looks great!! Sounds like you guys are doing some good stuff. And glad the day job is offering its own rewards, along with the stability and compensation.

And I agree--I didn't mind working with "the public." But it's not always easy...or in Ellis's case, never easy!

Hope you guys have some big success with this. Could be the next "Flappy Birds!"