Saturday, February 23, 2013

I blame my brother's grand kids

3 kids making their own unique wavelength of chaos. I locked myself in my room and tried to do a decent sketch. Then continued to try and polish it in a futile attempt at making a bad drawing worth a damn. I'll try something completely different with no kids around tomorrow.

My drawing board. I have limited space. I built this one-by-six spanner to go between drawers on my desk. It's very solid at the tilt shown. Then I use one clipboard to attach to the one by six, and then attach a second clip board to the bottom clip board. Very sturdy. Perfect for what I'm up to. Actually the best sketching ergonomics I've ever devised for myself. Final version. Had some pistol grip clamps that made the perfect tool for securing my regular board to the spanner board. My regular board has rubber stops on the bottom that further aid the nice solid feel of the work surface.


MrGoodson2 said...

OK. I'm responsible for the last 4 mega posts. I'll give it a break.

Beata said...

Please don't.
I (and I bet others) like reading/seeing what you're up to, Ellis, even when you're being a grumpy old man.

These sketches from yesterday speak volumes!
I think you should change the title of this post to:
"I can thank my brother's grandkids."

Then consider having an outdoor adventure - just you and your sketchbook - as soon as the weather allows it. ;-)

MrGoodson2 said...

Thanks Beata. I do have a publishing itch.

I'm going to simplify some part of the drawing today. And research some good snarling cats.

And I'll go ahead and post the results

JMG said...

Screaming obnoxious outta control kids and barking dogs....2 things I HATE most. Both destroys one concentration. Grump..grump...grump. And that was before I got's worst now.

Tom Moon said...

I'll just be happy if your new environment makes you happy and productive Ellis!

Davis Chino said...

Yes, I second Beata--it's good to see what you're up to, El! It's great that you've got a work space--and more importantly--a workflow happening!

"Keep those cards and letters coming, Mouseketeer!"

Rickart said...

Michael Jantze was just sharing his workspace the other day and was asking for others to share their's, too. If you don't know who he is, look him up... super talented cartoonist and animator. I met him at a Bay Area Cartoonist gathering, but he is teaching in Georgia now.