Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Click Headline for Retronaut Website

Saw this photo on the retronaut web site. I would have been 6 years old and spinning the comic book rack in a T G and Y store. All those covers look vaguely familiar. Challengers of The Unknown ( I wanted to be Prof. ) An obviously Wayne Boring cover Superman. The Frank Frazetta looking character having a smoke should just turn around and say "One of each please." Then cash in a few decades later.

Apparently July 1959. I'm a couple of months from 6. Probably half storybooks and maybe the occasional comic book if one caught my eye. I was lucky as a child that my Mom liked escapist stuff like Sheena-Queen of The Jungle, Flash Gordon.
Link to a page with a lot of the July 1959 Covers

This deal (link back to page) is John Carter movie news. Looking good. Good write up.

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