Thursday, November 17, 2011

Check Out My Back Up of TAG Blog History

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Having the blog a couple of different places makes it feel backed up.
Now it says everything is posted by MrGoodson2. I wondered if someone wanted to destroy all the jpgs could they do so from the TAG settings?
The files are Picassa files, given a google ownership by whoever posts them.
Can someone only delete all their posts? I know the entire blog can be deleted, but if that was done, would that affect my back up? Interesting don't you think?
Here's a drawing to decorate my post...
Using the paint program art-rage to "trace" a jpg. Nutty Mad Chief Lost TeePee. Cool effect huh?
Doing an experiment by deleting the movie post that used to exist below this one. See if it directly affects my back up
I'll have to wait until tomorrow to be certain that the deleted image no longer appears in a picassa album. I was hoping it being in two places made it a "new" graphic. But my bet will be it disappears tomorrow.
INTERESTING. Yes, It did delete the original JPG. But it created a thumbnail that is still in place.

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MrGoodson2 said...

The neon , unnatural colors of the Nutty Mads made the discrete selection of the Chief a simple matter. Like reverse green screen.