Friday, May 23, 2008


This is a Flash drawing program in Facebook called Grafitti. It allows playback so you can see it drawn right before your very eyes! I drew this for a friend and saw this little button at the bottom that said "embed". So I was just testing it out to see what happened. Well I guess it's not scaleable and it eats into the stuff on the right. Oh and I used a Cintiq to draw it.

EDIT: Sorry Ellis, the correct spelling is "Graffiti" And here is the link:

And here's a little better one than mine:

And another...


Mr Goodson said...

I joined Facebook just so I could play with the program. and I can't find it searching applications. Are you sure you're spelling it right

Tom Carroll said...

Whatever it is, I like it (even if it obscures the stuff on the right). Nice job!

Jeff said...

So did you really join Facebook Ellis?? Or are you just pulling my leg?? I couldn't find you...but there are a few of you floating around on that darned time suck.

Tom - Thanks!!

Davis Chino said...


We've missed you.

Fond regards,
Martin D. Chino