Friday, May 30, 2008

Dorf Is Down

Got this message after I mailed the prez of the cartoonist society as to Shel's health. Jim Gorham has tried to get in touch with Shel the past couple of days with no luck. Even going by his house and discovering loads of mail and closed up windows.

So her's the facts Karyl mailed to me.....

Hi Karyl,

Tommy Thompson informed me and Jack White that Shel is in Sharp Memorial Hospital. That's the one off Genesee Ave., not far from UCSD Medical Center.

I talked with Shel; he's in no pain, but he had a bad fall and will probably be pretty sore once they quit giving him the pain medicine.

He's in Room 860-1 and his phone # is (858) 939-3800. Jack seems to think they may be keeping him a while, but I'm sure he'd appreciate a call or a card or both.

I'm going to try to stop in tomorrow when I go to UCSD Medical.

Could you put out one of your all points bulletins on this?

All the best to you and Jack.

Ellis here....Hopefully Shel does recover. He is diabetic and the body doesn't heal like a heathy man would. And damn hospitals can kill you with pnuemonia as quick as any plague. So hopefully he gets at least well enough quick enough to avoid a lot of hospital.

I knew TAG would want to know. Good check up work by Jim.


rickart said...

Thanks for the word on this, Ellis.

Mr Goodson said...

Jim is going to make a call and post news of the call later.

Anonymous said...

Ok. I call Sharp Memorial Hospital with that number and room. They told me 3 times I called that no one was there with that name or in there system. I tried calling his home to see if he got discharged but still no answer. I don't have any clue.

Mr Goodson said...

Hmm.I hope he's ok. I'll write another letter

rickart said...

And please keep us posted! Thanks guys!

Mr Goodson said...

No response yet to my new letter saying how we couldn't get through to Sharp memorial