Sunday, February 10, 2008

Star Trek the Travelling Circus

I went to Star Trek the Tour last weekend in Long Beach. It's housed in the dome that formerly housed the "Spruce Goose". If you're a TRUE Trekker then you should definitely check it out. I didn't even know about it until a friend of mine who is actually managing the food part of the tour told me about it. I went at the last moment during the SuperBowl. That might have explained the thin crowds but I don't really watch football so it was fine with me. Here are a few of my hilights:

1.Me jumping throught the "Guardian of Forever"
2.Schematic used on Star Trek the Next Generation set complete with duck, hamster, and Porsche.
3. Shuttle trainer model with GI Joe Cobra decal on the cockpit.
4. I actually got to sit in the Kirk's original bridge chair. It is VERY cheesy AND they didn't allow pics while you were on the set. Boo Hoo.
5. There were a few hardcore fans there dressed up in costume and a Vulcan walked by and gave us the Superbowl score.
6. Ate at "10 Forward" where they have the actual "Quark's Bar" set. Very uncomfortable.
7. Saw Hirschfeld crew caricatures from all of the shows. He's awesome!

The tour has been extended through March I think and they have no plans to go to San Diego or San Francisco. So go to Long Beach for it's only California stop!


Mr Goodson said...

Man! I gotta go to this ! You took a chance with your immortal soul jumping through that portal. Can't wait. i think Krayozilla told me about this.

Mr Goodson said...

Hell, I'll go just to see the Hirschfield caricatures. I want to duplicate your jump through the portal. Did you have to go under the ropes to do that?

rickart said...

This looks like fun.... Hmm... we may be going to SD in March. Perhaps we will make a slight detour on the way!

Jeff said...

Ellis - No jumping under ropes. It's encouraged to jump through time. It's a pretty sturdy set- fiberglass n' all.

Anonymous said...

Cool. I need to try and go.