Saturday, February 09, 2008

Shadowrun is Beloved

So is Vectorman for that matter. Look at the end of this clip. It brought back memories..Go to youtube and make your search for sega genesis. All you Blue Skyers will see your place in history.

Check out the credit roll at the end off this one.

Thank God I kept all the art from the first one. Made Rampage Edition a lot smoother. Dok Whitson being Lead also made it smooth. They have a special award after the dumb critique at the end of this clip. Put it on puase so it's all loaded and you can speed through some of the freeze frame "humour" moments.

But don't miss the comment about the " dumb black outlined Dr Grant" That black outline was all me. i fought for it and now I admit, it looks pretty cheezey.

OK, I'll quit now. Makes you miss Dana doesn't it?


rickart said...

Thanks for sharing that, Ellis! I'll have to see what I can find.

When I was applying to Centerscore I needed some samples of pixel art... thank goodness for the internet! I found some Vectorman 2 art that was just what I needed.

That was a pretty stellar cast listed on the art credits for JP... Rob, Ellis, Joe, Jeff J.!

I worked with a guy at Turbine who was nuts for Shadowrun. When he found out I worked on it he brought his copy in (yes, he still had it) for me to sign.

rickart said...

And Dok! Don't forget that Dok is in there, too!