Friday, October 19, 2007

LuLu Rocks

Just got my Sketchbook from Lulu. I was very prepared to be disappointed. Man, it came out slick. Maybe it's the cream color paper stock. It's just no longer a bunch of kinko bound laser printed sheets. It's a honest to gosh book. I'm very pleased.

My enthusiasm will take me far this weekend into completing a lot of work on the Tag Jam book.

We'll need a full color back cover. Any favorites come to mind. Go Tell The Homo Vikings? Destroy All Monsters? Nightmare on Sesame Street? GOSH? UltraDog vs CornDog? Please Lord, Let Me Die a Woman? The Day Dave's Head Caught Fire!?

Lots of good stuff.

The second image is a painting/drawing I whipped up in my OTIS concept art class. Using the cintiq. I might buy one of those when they come down in price about 1500 bucks.

I got rid of the art rage painting. I discovered while looking for tag photos that I had posted it before.

Read comments for Tag sketchbook updates


Mr Goodson said...

GOSH! has a pretty nice art element by Buncake. A big carytooney sexey girl. It would fake people into thinking they were buying a book of passable compositions and competence.

rickart said...

Heh... I'm fond of the Frisbee golf cover, but that's only because it commemorates the only sports injury I've ever received!

I know what you could put on the back cover... how about the group photos of TAG from the con... there was one we did years ago that has Shel and Maurie and folks and then you could also include the group shot from the TAG party from this year! You could even include a Left to right identification of the people in the pics.

Mr Goodson said...

Great Idea Rick. That old photo would be a great stamp to have on it. Placing TAG in time. I was looking at the Jams last night. One is titled Tag New Years Resolutions.....1992! Wow. Long time ago. And one of the resolutions was that Skrbbl would always include Tag members in all his animations he would do at Cal Arts! Lots of little touchstones when you look at these sketches. Who could have known we were making entries in a diary.

rickart said...

Ha! It was blogging before there were blogs!

Thanks for doing it, Ellis!

Surly Bird said...

I got my Lulu book Friday and I agree. It's a really nice publication. I had a lot of fun poring over your sketches, Ellis. So many cool ideas captured on paper. There is a laugh-out-loud sketch of a snowboarder's dilemma that I love. Excellent stuff.

Mr Goodson said...

Hey Ronnie! Thanks for buying it and the review. I had a brain fart and stuttered doing something when I ordered and just got one. I've additionally ordered another 3 so I'm really getting it in the neck on shipping. But I've really given that one book a work out I'm so tickled with it.

rickart said...

I just had a look at the GOSH image of which you speak and that wasn't by Scott at all... that was Joe Chiodo!

Just wanted to set the record straight.

Mr Goodson said...

Ahhh! The memory is going.