Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Pandora and the Music Genome Project

This has nothing to do with comics or art or movies, but it's cool. This web site will play songs and music based on your musical tastes. You create various "stations" by telling it a particular song or artist that you like, such as "Sting" or "George Gershwin" or "Blue Suede Shoes" and it starts playing songs that are musically similar to your choice.

It doesn't necessarily play the song you request; just things it thinks you will like based on an analysis of your taste. Each time you get to say "Yes, I like that song" or "No, I don't like that one." The more you give it feedback, the better it gets at guessing what kind of music you like. It's a great way to learn about musicians that you may never heard of, but who are playing stuff you want to hear.


Maybe someday they will be able to do this with movies so you won't have to spend $12.00 to find out you've wasted your evening.


Mr Goodson said...

Kinda cool. Kinda like having the ipod songs without paying for them. I entered zz top and they're giving me similar. Very good

Tom Moon said...

It's become kind of a toy for me. I like exploring its limits. I entered Beethoven and they said they don't have classical music in their database, yet...

I entered "Happy Trails" and they asked me "Which version?" I said, "Roy Rogers" and they proceeded to give me Happy Trails related music.

Good to listen to as you sit at your desk mindlessly pushing pixels.

Jeff said...

holy crap this is AMAZING!!! I wonder if you can use this on your iPhone and ditch downloading music forever???