Friday, September 28, 2007

The Cocteau Beauty and The Beast may be a big Influence on my Werelion

I hope everyone has seen this movie. I know Buncakes prefers the Disney version

(I took down the scarey photo of myself.)

here you go jeff
click the title link. It takes you to my other blog where the scarey photo now resides


Mr Goodson said...

I should be Kirk.

The photo is a composite of two photos by Greg Ecklund, who likes zombies anyway, where I'm shaking my head back and forth. Maybe a little liquify and some other stuff composited in. I don't remember my shirt being that stained for instance

Anonymous said...

Yo It's the Great, Great, Great Grandson of Frankenstein's Monster!!! RUN!!! Get pitchforks and torches!

Tom Moon said...

That's really scary Ellis.

Jeff said...

Put back the scary photo!! I missed it!!!

Anonymous said...

STILL RUN!!! Get pitchforks and torches!

Jeff said...

Not too bad. Looks like Ellis circa 1988 after a serious round of frisbee golf.