Thursday, January 12, 2017

Injury hurts my mood to draw

It's even worse looking today. But is starting to feel almost normal.

I tore my hamstring a bit. 
And it really hurt. 
Also hurt my ability to concentrate on my enworld stuff.
It's getting better.
I was doing living room karate, super low speed, just sticking sidekicks out at yoga speed.
Still ripped it doing a slow step through side kick.


But the show must go on.
If someone would flat this for me I'd practically be done.
Cleaned it up a bit.

PNG format. Looking forward to the attic girl detective piece.
color on Sunday.
another struggle.
I sent in a revision I liked better. Told them to use the one they liked best.


MrGoodson2 said...

So I've given up my rediscovery of karate via youtube lessons.

Tom Moon said...

Yikes! That looks terribly painful Ellis! I pretty much gave up jiu-jitsu last year. It's discouraging to discover you can't do things anymore that you could do when you were in your forties, isn't it?

MrGoodson2 said...

Yes it is. But smart to give them up.

Surly Bird said...

Hope you get well soon, Ellis.

Tom Moon said...

Do you think Spider-Man ever had to fight with a pulled hamstring?

MrGoodson2 said...

Spider healing ability. Everyone in the Marvel Universe are quick healers. I expect Nick Fury will eventually grow his eye back.

I think I've pulled the hamstring before in high school tae kwon do. I guess pulled is wrong terminology. It's ripped in some spot. I also ripped some tissue once doing pull ups, about 10 years ago. Around the elbow. Some connection going from the upper arm around the elbow. That kind of went with a pop. Took about two weeks for all that blood to get taken away.

The UFC previews that inspired my idiotic side kicks is on tonight, Sunday. Free on Fox Sports. BJ Penn, back again. Against a tae kwon do stunt kicking guy that is as flashy a kicker to ever hold a belt. I'm watching it but not acting any of it out.

Tom Moon said...

From what you described though, it sounds like you weren't doing anything foolish when you hurt your hamstring. Just extending your leg slowly. If you were doing flying jump kicks against your wall without warm-up and never having done them before in your life, I could see how you might hurt yourself, but just by moving slowly and carefully? Frustrating!

When you hurt your elbow, were you doing anything unusual like pushing yourself to do more pull ups than you ever have? It seems like you have kept up doing regular exercise over the years, so I'm surprised that you would get so severely injured without some advance warning at least!

MrGoodson2 said...

No the elbow was just a tightness that went with a pop. I was probably doing the pull ups while overweight. But that's the only big cause. The step through side kick that tore things was just a bit quicker and the kicking leg was higher. No warm up, old muscle, bad idea. Almost painless at this point. 'Bruise' is going to go away slow. Internal bleeding.

BJ Penn lost by the way. Yair Rodriguez just went right through him. Took no damage. Won with his kicks.

Tom Moon said...

Watched that on YouTube just now. Pretty awesome kicker!

MrGoodson2 said...

Glad you saw that. Since it was free on Fox sports they aren't being as stingy as they usually are with the video. UFC was recently sold as well. Some people, like Dana White, made a lot of money.

MrGoodson2 said...

The 'bruise' has really moved along. Darker spots on the edges. If my leg had been a fingernail it would have fallen off. It feels like 90 percent function has returned. Stretched a certain way it still is a study in agony.