Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Early Infernals Video

So the game I've been working on since I got to Germany, Infernals, has been launched in Poland for some Tech testing.  There is a video on Youtube that reviews the game, so if you want to see some visuals of the early portions of the game you can see them here:  Infernals Video!  It really is the earliest part of the game, so we don't show the most impressive characters right off the bat... I look forward to the day when I can show them off as well.

There's still a lot of polish that we want to add to the game, but already it's looking pretty great, if I do say so myself.  I'm Art Directing the game, so I make lots of comments and generally keep the team on track, but it's the team who's really determined how the game feels and looks.  I did do the concept drawing for the Pangolin looking monster whos in the video, so there's that. 

I'm really impressed by the talent and commitment to quality that the team has, and they are a pretty fun bunch as well.  Let me know what you think!


MrGoodson2 said...

Incredible work. Your creature got a couple of color schemes, right? I liked his death the best. He gives up his life very theatrically. The winged harpy character has a great toxic life sucking effect I liked. Getting ideas by watching this. Great colors and designs throughout. The main background with all the amorphous hot stuff is very nice. Looks like a hit to me. Also looks very deep.

MrGoodson2 said...

And I'm very thankful for someone beside me contributing to the blog.

Rickart said...

Thanks Ellis! I'm pretty excited about this game... its a new IP and it takes place in a post-apocalyptic/Fantasy world, so we can create pretty much any SciFi or Fantasy characters we want to.

Yes, that particular critter was actually originally animated as an upright turtle... so we came up with another creature who would be a different model but use the same rig/anims/FX.

Tom Moon said...

Love the look of your game Rick. Looks fun to play too. Thought of you the other night. We are in Sicily right now on vacation. Met a German couple at our hotel and immediately thought, "Gosh, what if he's in the video game business and works at the same company as Rick and knows him?" because of course by now you know everyone in Germany.

Rickart said...

I do know a couple of people working in the industry here in Germany from PopCap and Turbine. And we've hired someone who I used to work with at Turbine as well. So it's not so far fetched!

When you are done in Sicily you should come up for a visit in Hamburg! I'd be happy to show you around! This is a 3 day weekend, so I have loads of time!

MrGoodson2 said...

Tom in Sicily. Soak up that Italian sense of beauty.

Tom Moon said...

First thing I thought of upon arriving here. Gosh. We are not that far from Rick! A lot of tourists here from other European countries. Not that long a flight for them! They are lucky. Germany would be great to visit. And of course they said everyone speaks English there.

Tom Moon said...

You know that joke that goes:

Heaven is where:
The French are the chefs
The Italians are the lovers
The British are the police
The Germans are the mechanics
And the Swiss make everything run on time.

Hell is where:
The British are the chefs
The Swiss are the lovers
The French are the mechanics
The Germans are the police
And the Italians make everything run on time.

Rickart said...


Surly Bird said...

Beautiful stuff, Rick! It's a real thrill to see what you're working on there in Germany!