Thursday, September 24, 2015

Bat Hulk Returns

The ultimate goal is a digital painting.
But I want the pencil drawing to be good enough to make a few bucks at a con.
Quite a way to go. Don't like any thing about the cape yet. I'll have to steal a good cape from somewhere.

I'll try and finish the pencils. Mostly background.
Then on to color.
So- I re discovered this while I was looking up stuff I knew I had researched. The sign lettering specifically. I could spit looking how much better the whole project would have been just light boxing this file.
But this is what I got. I'll digitally alter it a bunch. Tilt the car. Get some life back into it.
edit- I touched this up. Got rid of some trashy residue and made some level edits.
It will be the print I make of the pencil art.
I've started the gray value work for the painting but I'm giving it a break for a couple of days. Been looking at it too long.


Tom Moon said...

Yay, BatHulk!

Surly Bird said...

Ellis, you probably just made Marvel and DC another 100 million (apiece) with this mash-up. They'll get wind of this and make a movie, video game and a ton of assorted action figures of Bat-Hulk - raking in the cash. Hopefully, Zach Snyder won't direct. :)

MrGoodson2 said...

I've got a lot better cape on him. I'll scan it again soon.
Thanks Guys

Tom Moon said...

Bat-Hulk lookin' good!

Davis Chino said...

I love yr Bat Hulk. Whereas classic Marvel Hulk tends toward a kind of Franken-Fury, and the DC Bat-Hulk troglodytian goonishness, the Ellis Goodson Bat-Hulk has a seedy rage that points toward somesort of long-ago personal apocalypse...

Yeah, man, yeah....