Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Raymond Fantasia 25-36 of 48


MrGoodson2 said...

Great. I love the dream quality. I like Raymond drifting, the texture change from round to protuberant on his dream womb place. Love the splash capture as he goes in. Quick reads all around. That final idol shot, you really want to know where it is headed. We want more. Great storytelling.

Tom Moon said...

Every comic needs a splash page, doesn't it?

MrGoodson2 said...

Put that on the web page "Splash Pages a Specialty!"

MrGoodson2 said...

You've had that splash page joke ready since you roughed it out.

Davis Chino said...


I get it.

Did his little Raymond spirit leave him? I'm confused. But only metaphysically. Didn't expect him to pop right up after losing "spiritus."

I don't see why you would call your work less than warm and human--the surface is so loving rendered and not just in a graphical way but in the way a god would leave his thumbprints in the ridges of the mountains he raises up for his world...or something.

You know what I mean.

Your analog goodness is the work's chief appeal. We can see human hands have ground every image out on some sort of tactile surface (except that font)...and that hand-wrought essence survives it all being digitized and maybe futzed a bit. (can you say, "MULTIPLY"??)

Nice turn in the story here...and when I saw those mouths in the bottom of the ocean, was I the only one who thought of the Flesh Level in Ren & Stimpy??

Tom Moon said...

Ellis, surprisingly I did not think of "splash page" until just now.

Marty, good point about the spirit. Perhaps the spirit leaving should be eliminated or maybe a spirit image should re-enter him before he gets up again? I was actually wondering about that. Good that I have you guys to run this stuff by.

The Flesh Level in Ren & Stimpy! You are right, I hadn't thought of that. Talk about your whole life coming into play and influencing your present day art.

"Thumbprints in the ridges of the mountains", wow, that's poetic! Did you just make that up?

"Loffink itk", ha, I kept googling that phrase, thinking that it was some modern computer term I didn't understand.

Tom Moon said...

Okay, I added a spirit re-entry. See if it works for you.

Davis Chino said...


I like the spirit coming back in...closes the loop and that's the #1 priority (unless you wanted to go somewhere else with that whole subplot, but I took yr comment as agreement with my unease at Raymond losing his spirit). So that's great. My only other comment would be to wonder if the progression from the "untethering" panel to the "re-integration" panel there could be a trace of the spirit following the "lifeless" body. FER INST, could have kust a sliver of spirit left at top of 2nd panel, looking down at Raymond's body in a "notice" pose...and again, add the spirit (maybe just the head?) in the background of the first "esophogal passage" observing Ray's body falling...? Just as a bkg element, something to keep the subplot going.

Just a thought--I love the mythic whimsy here!

Tom Moon said...

Thanks for the further comments about possibly adding the spirit to a couple more panels. I'll consider it.