Thursday, March 26, 2015

Guns of the Goofus

And a weirdo.
Have fun at ECCC.
The 3 that are going.
4 that are going. Ronnie will probably show.
 I wanted to give this sketch an url. Show it to the okie comic creators.
It's the basis for the cover of my lulu book on anatomy.
I like the sketch better unadulterated.

Decided to do my roughs digitally this time. 
I'm enjoying it more than the pencil-scan process.
I'll turn this sentence into a link later for a Billy Mumy podcast with Gilbert Gotfried - I think Gorham would be entertained.
Music Video. I did the song with garage band.

1 comment:

Davis Chino said...

Meaning to say: LOVE IT ALL.

Esp'ly gratifying to see you moving forward with some real COMICS!