Friday, November 01, 2013


I got a library copy of KIRBY-King of the Comics by Mark Evanier today. Some great stuff in it. When I saw this double page spread I wanted to scan it. I found it by surfing to the book on Amazon. It shows what I wanted to show. Look at the size of that original. Twice size. Not 150 percent bigger, twice size.
Showing a skill I could never acquire working that size. Not going overboard on detail. The marks to be inked are still big and bold. Very clear and readable.

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Davis Chino said...


You say drawing at that scale is unfathomable, but he got used to drawing at that way--he did it every single day for fifty years!!

Go big! I think you should give it a whirl--a chance to really use the shoulder instead of the wrist. It really helps me to work a little bigger....