Monday, August 22, 2011


Something I'm working on today. I want it to be something that shows storytelling and digital sketch power.
I'm also going to submit it to Channel 101.
This unlisted video shows some of the ruminations and visions I have for the "short."
It's actually very well fleshed out.
I'll share the script when I'm done with it today. I'll use this slot to link to the script.
I may need some voice talent help. That might be as easy as calling you on my skype line and having you speak lines while I record you.

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MrGoodson2 said...

Script is firming up. I'm really digging this. Had a lot of creative ideas flow into it. I'll concentrate on this and make it a "piece." The piece that I lack. Something that shows I can actually do what I claim I want to do. Boards, limited animation, motion comics, storytelling, etc. Rather than all the scrap I have laying around that shows stuff I was ABLE to do.