Sunday, November 15, 2009

Another lost gem from the 60's

I haven't posted any clips in a long time but I saw this and that long dead brain cell came back to life. I wish shows today would have artsy animated intros again.
Plus I was messing with some video editing.


Also this one I found interesting and forgotten.


And one of my all time favorite intros.

had to throw this in.


Tom Moon said...

Great nostalgia. As I recall, "I Spy" with Bill Cosby and Robert Culp had that same kind of opening.

I remember "T.H.E. Cat" well. At the end of the first scene someone would always ask him his name and he would respond dramatically, "Cat. Thomas... Hewitt... Edward... Cat". One night my older sister was watching with me and burst out laughing, "His name is Tom Cat!"

Deane D said...

Wow! Those are some cool opening credits! I never saw the Cat or Garrison's Gorillas but remember Land of the Giants from re-runs. Thank you for posting them.

Krayonzilla said...

Yeah it's pretty sad nowadays. TV show openings are next to nonexistent today let alone the music themes. A quick 5 second bump and thats it. I miss interesting graphics and animations + CATCHY theme music or jingles. Lots of artists outta work now. Just an After Effects technician now pulling UI levers. All GONE like the the illustrated movie poster. All history.

rickart said...

Oh man, don't get me started on some of my old favorites... Name of the Game, Lost in Space (both of them), Mission Impossible, NBC Sunday Mystery Movie, Get Smart and, yes, I Spy. And then there were the animated shows like Space Ghost, Mightor and the Hurculoids, all of which had great themes and exciting and/or stylish intros.

MrGoodson2 said...

What could Saul Bass do with after effects. Would it occur to him to do the same things.

Tom Carroll said...

I loved all of those openings. Ditto all the misgivings that they're no longer doing any of this. **sigh!**

Jeff said...

awesome! the only one I remember is the Land of the Giants.